Medical Dermatology

A trusted dermatologist in Ashland, KY

Assisted by a team of experienced nurses and nurse practitioner, our dermatologist provides caring medical treatments
At Tri-State Dermatology of Ashland, KY, experienced, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Carol H. Cooper, along with her team of licensed nurses and nurse practitioner, provides exceptional medical dermatological services. Our practice helps patients who require treatment for skin cancer, psoriasis, acne, and other common conditions. Everyone at our practice is committed to keeping up with advances in the field of dermatology, as this helps us ensure that our treatments are the best and most effective ones available.

Skin cancer

The dermatologist and staff at Tri-State Dermatology have years of experience in treating skin cancer. We can perform checks and tests to see if you have any cancerous growths on your skin. If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, there are many treatments available. We will find the best one for you, depending on the type of skin cancer you have and how advanced it is. The earlier you contact us in Ashland, the sooner we can begin treatment. Don't hesitate; get in touch with our office today to set up your appointment!


Patients with psoriasis have told us that they consider our dermatologist and experienced nursing team to be an invaluable resource for the care of their condition. If you have psoriasis--red, scaly skin that can appear on the elbows, knees, genitals, or scalp--you should know that it can be managed. Our Ashland-based team works with each patient to find the solutions that best control and calm their psoriasis, be it phototherapy, topical treatments, or oral medications.

Acne and other common skin conditions

Tri-State Dermatology provides a range of medical dermatological services. Our dermatologist will talk with you about your condition, making sure to listen to your needs in order develop a treatment plan that falls in line with your wishes. We can treat acne, in both teens and adults. Our practice also provides skin tag removal and sclerotherapy-vascular treatment for the removal of spider veins. Talk to us in Ashland--we want to help!
Woman pays a visit our dermatologist in Ashland, KY
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